Barry Brown & Irene Proebsting, 'Luna Berlin'

Image Credit: Barry Brown & Irene Proebsting, Luna Berlin, 2013, Colour, 9 minutes, collection of the artists.

image credit: Barry Brown and Irene Proebsting ,Harmonic Ghosts, 2009, Super 8mm, B&W, Sound, 3 mins. Originating

Image credit: Barry Brown and Irene Proebsting, Harmonic Ghosts, 2009, Super 8mm, B&W, Sound, 3 mins.

The observational cinema of Barry Brown & Irene Proebsting

23 July – 11 December 2016
Gallery 4


discreet montage features a selection of experimental (non)fictions including post-industrial reportage, ambient family portraits and found quotidian abstraction.

Shot on Super 8 film and edited in camera, the films are un-staged spontaneous recordings, utilising chance and improvisation as structuring devices to generate atmospheric narratives.

Similarly, the soundtracks privilege the accidental, predominately focused upon aesthetic errors and psychological ambience – a silent cinema fabricated from open-ended scores, magnetic tape manipulations and unusual guitar tunings.

The films are lyrical, unconscious constructs, featuring the familiar and the unfamiliar, a discreet cacophony of aleatory auras and everyday illusions.

The exhibition screens video projections with ambi-phonal sound from the original Super 8 prints.