Leonie Ryan, 'Pine Plantation (origin of logs for ‘Fir’)'

Image credit: Leonie Ryan Pine Plantation (origin of logs for ‘Fir’), Colour photograph, 2015.

 Leonie Ryan, Fir (Installation image), Latrobe Regional Gallery, 2016.

Image Credit: Leonie Ryan, Fir (Installation image), Latrobe Regional Gallery, 2016

Leonie Ryan

9 April – 12 June 2016
Sculpture Courtyard

Leonie Ryan investigates how we find meaning in contemporary art, utilising senses other than visual. Ryan analyses how visual meanings may manifest through art, in ways that are not immediately apparent – between visible and invisible, conscious and unconscious. Formal abstraction is very important, as the aim is for the visitor to have an immediate and direct encounter with the materials and the site. Through senses such as touch and smell visitors can find meaning in the work, stimulated through exchanges from the internal to the external body, and the character of the material becomes the catalyst for sensory interactions.

Through setting up a quiet, contemplative environment, visitors can draw their own, unique meaning from the work. It is Ryan’s objective to open the way for a better understanding of the Self in relation to Being (consciousness), in a phenomenological sense, through heightened sensory awareness.

EXHIBITION CELEBRATION: 6pm Friday 15 April 2016 

FREE – RSVP Wednesday 13 April