Neale Stratford 'Deceit of Dolls'

Image Credit: Neale Stratford, The Deceit of Dolls, 2015, archival pigment print. Collection of the artist.

Neale Stratford, 'The Peace Offering', 2015.

Image credit: Neale Stratford, The Peace Offering, 2015, Archival Pigment ink on paper, Collection of the artist.

Neale Stratford

26 March – 22 May 2016
Gallery 5


After a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome, Neale Stratford identified that his desire to put the constraints of ‘normality’ into context was the driving force for the introspection within his art practice.

Stratford seeks to explore gaps between internal and external realities, dreams and fantasies, delusions and desire, uncanny abject thoughts and the depths of depression. Stratford explores his identity within the contextual framework of perceived masculinity and gender roles used within myth, legend and popular culture.

Being more psychological than philosophical, the photographs in this exhibition could be seen as a phenomenological reflection of the artist’s soul. However, like the reflections on the walls of Plato’s cave, the work is a mere simulacrum of reality, a phantasmagorical dialog between his world of introversion, anxiety and depression with an attempt at normality within the world he physically inhabits.