Unknown, 'Untitled Lidded Box'

Image Credit: Unknown, Untitled Lidded Box, late 19th century, porcelain. Latrobe Regional Gallery Collection.

Works from the Allan Aldous Asian Collection

2 July – 18 September 2016
Gallery 5


The Floating World brings together a selection of Asian ceramics, scrolls and ukiyo-e prints from the Allan Aldous Collection, donated to Latrobe Regional Gallery in 2000. The donation forms the basis of the Gallery’s permanent collection of Asian Art, which includes objects from 17th Century Persian miniatures, 19th Century Chinese scrolls and ceramics to a significant number of Japanese woodblock prints.

This exhibition focuses on the artistic expressions that emerged during Edo period Japan (1600-1868) forming part of a culture that prized the pursuits offered in entertainment such as Kabuki theatre, Geisha arts, Sumo wrestling and literature together with visual arts. Ukiyo-e, translated to literally mean ‘pictures of the floating world’ were often seen as a way of escaping ones constraints and expressing ones self.


The Floating World Documentation

Image Credit: Exhibition Installation, Latrobe Regional Gallery.

Kunisada, Utagawa, 'Ichigen (Detail)'

Image Credit: Kunisada, Utagawa, ‘Ichigen (Detail)’, n.d, coloured woodblock print. Collection of Latrobe Regional Gallery, Allan Aldous Collection.