Image credit: Leigh Hobba, Any Which Way (video still), 2007. Video installation, silent. Dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist

  1. Download and print a rock drawing template
    OR a sheet of blank paper to draw your own rock
  2. Drawing materials – pencils, pens, crayons, markers, pastesl etc
  3. Scissors and glue
  4. Black sheet of paper


Floating rock drawings

Kids Program


In the artwork Any Which Way, Leigh uses rocks which he has collected that remind him of rocks and gemstones that he inherited from his Great Uncle Arthur. His videos show the rocks gently floating in a sea of black – almost like they are floating in space!

Inspired by Leigh Hobba’s artwork Any Which Way, create your own floating rock drawing.


  1. Look at the images of Leigh’s artworks, and think about what it reminds you of. It could be floating in space, exploring in a cave, underwater, or something mysterious from your imagination!
  2. Select a rock drawing template, or draw your own large rock on a blank sheet of white paper
  3. Colour and shade your rock to add texture, depth and mystery, to match the image you were reminded of.
  4. Carefully cut out your rock and glue your rock to a sheet of black paper
  5. OR Decorate your background dark and mysteriously
  6. Share your art with us on Facebook and Instagram – use the hashtag #LRGArtCart


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