Image credit: Colin Suggett Greetings From Electric Valley, 1979. Gouache, watercolour and ink on paper, aluminium. Image courtesy of the artist. Latrobe Regional Gallery Collection. ​



Postcard Pals

Kids Program


Gippsland artist Colin Suggett created his artwork Greetings From Electric Valley as a humorous response to the typical tourist souvenir postcards of the time. He featured the once iconic ‘twin palms’ located in Morwell against the familiar industrial landscapes and power stations of the area.



• Postcard template
• Cereal or muesli bar type box.
• Scissors
• Paper cuttings from magazines, wrapping paper, newspaper, greeting cards
• Glue or tape
• Pens, pencils, markers
• Postage stamp (optional)

  1.  Print the postcard template on paper, cut it out and glue onto your cardboard box. OR use a ruler to measure out and draw a rectangle of 10cm by 15cm on your cardboard box, and cut it out. Add the lines for the address section on the blank side of the cardboard (use the postcard template as a visual guide for placement)
  2. Think about your design, it could be of your home or a local place that you like to visit, find photos of this place if you need to remember what it looks like.
  3. On the blank side of the postcard (or printed side of the cardboard), glue another piece of blank paper you can draw on, or collage your design using paper cuttings
  4. Write your family or friend a message on the back of the postcard in the blank section
  5. Add their address to the lined section of the postcard
  6. (Optional) Add a stamp to the square section above the address and post it in the mailbox
  7. Share your art with us on Facebook and Instagram – use the hashtag #LRGArtCart


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