Image credit: Mandy Gunn, W[RAPT], 2012-2013. Recycled paper shopping bags and wrappings on cardboard construction. Donated by the artist.​




W[RAPT] Sculptures

Kids Program


One of the Contemporary Women exhibition’s Gippsland artists Mandy Gunn, created her artwork W[RAPT] by collaging recycled paper shopping bags and wrappings onto sheets of cardboard, and then thinly cutting , layering and constructing the sculptures. These materials were collected by the artist over time as well as donated from others to the artist from their travels. The artist’s aim is to suggest architectural façades and spaces and draw attention to our cult of material acquisition as well as the notion of excess and waste.


  1. A variety of recycled paper – newspaper, magazines, junk mail, or wrapping paper.
  2. Sheet of blank paper or cardboard
  3. Scissors
  4. Glue


  1. Find a variety of papers in different colours.
  2. Glue the paper to a thicker piece of paper or cardboard
  3. Cut the paper into thin strips
  4. Arrange the paper strips into interesting patterns
  5. When you are happy with your pattern, take a photo to reference, and glue the strips together
  6. Display your final artwork on a table or on a wall, photograph your work and upload to facebook and instagram using the tag @latroberegionalgallery and #LRGArtCart


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