Queenie McKenzie Circa 1915 – 1998 Argyle diamond mine 1997 Natural pigments and binder on canvas 90.3 x 159.5 cm

Image credit: Queenie McKenzie, Argyle Diamond Mine, 1997. Natural pigments and binder on canvas, 90.3 x 159.5cm. CBUS Collection of Australian Art.

Clarice Beckett 1887 - 1935 Beach Scene Circa 1932 Oil on canvas 52.1 x 62 cm

Image credit: Clarice Beckett, Beach Scene, Circa 1932. Oil on canvas 52.1 x 62cm. CBUS Collection of Australian Art.

Robert Clinch Born 1957 24 variations on a theme by Paganini 1991 Gouache, watercolour and dry brush on paper 132.4 x 186.5 cm

Image credit: Robert Clinch, 24 variations on a theme by Paganini, 1991. Gouache, watercolour and dry brush on paper, 132.4 x 186.5cm. CBUS Collection of Australian Art.


As advised by Dr Joseph Brown AO OBE


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The Art Trail provides an opportunity for parents and guardians with kids to take a closer look at selected artworks, start conversations about art, and enjoy creating images in response to the methods and themes discussed.



Grey lead pencil
Coloured Pencils
Sheet/s of white paper or print Art Trail



In 1990 the building industry superannuation fund CBUS decided to buy a collection of Australian art as part of its investment portfolio.

The Fund asked Dr Joseph Brown one of Australia leading art advisors to acquire Aboriginal, colonial and twentieth century Australian art.

Dr Brown recommended that the Trustees agree to loan the paintings, prints and drawings to regional galleries, making them accessible to the members of the Fund and to the general public.

Latrobe Regional Gallery was asked to manage the Collection on behalf of CBUS. The three hundred works are housed across a number of regional galleries and are made available for exhibition to public galleries across Australia.


  1. View Queenie McKenzie’s artwork Argyle Diamond Mine. What colours can you see?
  2. Traditionally, Aboriginal artists often painted landscapes from a ‘bird’s eye’ perspective (from above). How many hills and roads can you find?
  3. Create a birds eye map of a place you like to visit:


  1. View Clarice Beckett’s artwork Beach Scene. What do you think the people in this painting are doing?
  2. Clarice Beckett liked to paint the effects of light on the landscapes of Port Phillip Bay. What time of day do you think this painting shows? Why?
  3. Draw your favourite beach memory


  1. View Robert Clinch’s artwork 24 Variations on a Theme by Paganini. What type of building is this?
  2. Robert Clinch says that each of the windows have different personalities. What type of people do you think might live in this building?
  3. Draw a room that you imagine from this building


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