Image credits: Josey Kidd-Crowe, the thought an oyster has 2017. Installation shot.

Teachers Professional Development
Education program

Tuesday 21 November
10am to 3pm

Bookings essential by 17 November


Presenters: Siobhan Sloper (Gertrude Contemporary), Melissa Bedford (MUMA), Kathryn Hendy-Ekers (VCAA), and Gertrude Studio Artist Josey Kidd-Crowe.


Contemporary Art on the Road is a professional development program founded to bring artists, art educators and regional teachers together to exchange ideas, share creative experiences and explore contemporary art and culture. The program has been designed to introduce regional teachers to a range of hands-on, expertly designed strategies and resources for teaching contemporary art in their classroom.


The first part of the program consists of formal presentations by educators from Gertrude Contemporary, Monash Museum of Modern Art (MUMA) and Latrobe Regional Gallery. It will provide insight into the 2017 artistic programs of the three organisations, enabling a deeper knowledge of contemporary arts, art practices and exhibitions. The morning session will also provide an opportunity for regional teachers to discuss and share ideas about contemporary art in relation to the Victorian Curriculum with the Curriculum Manager for Visual Arts and Media, Kathryn Hendy-Ekers.


A presentation and hands on workshop by Gertrude Studio Artist Josey Kidd-Crowe will form the second part of the program.


Josey Kidd-Crowe will lead participants in a painting workshop that preferences experimental and chance outcomes through the use of non-traditional materials to disrupt aesthetically inclined or learned formal processes of painting. Kidd-Crowe’s intuitive aesthetic embodies humour, pop-cultural, art-historical and personal references which form complex arrangements within his paintings. His practice is intuitive rather than part of a conscious and considered process, which immerses viewers in his energy of creation.


Josey Kidd-Crowe is a Melbourne-based visual artist working primarily in painting. Kidd-Crowe graduated from a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Latrobe University in 2009. His recent solo exhibitions and projects include: …the thought an oyster has…, Gertrude Contemporary (2017); Stupor Hiatus, Neon Parc (2015); Office Ideals, Upper Cannon (2014); Tribute Night with Martin Kippenberger, Meyers Place (2014); Noble Sofa, Neon Parc (2013); and Das Boot Fair (with Scott McCulloch), Next Wave Festival (2013). Recent group exhibitions include: 2016 Gertrude Studios, Gertrude Contemporary (2016); Centre for Style’s Atrophy Amphitheatre exhibit in Lurid Beauty, National Gallery of Victoria (2015); A Sinking Feeling, Punk Cafe (2015); Casual Conversations, Minerva (2015); and Sifting Through Plastic Gods, Margaret Lawrence Gallery (2013).


Contemporary Art on the Road is an initiative developed by Gertrude Contemporary in partnership with Monash University Museum of Art, the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority and three regional Victorian galleries: Latrobe Regional Gallery, Horsham Regional Art Gallery and Shepparton Art Museum.