Image Credit: ‘René Magritte and The Barbarian (Le Barbare)’, London Gallery, London, 1938. Private collection, Courtesy Brachot Gallery, Brussels. Original photograph, 43.2 x 33.2 cm

René Magritte: The Revealing Image, Photos and Films
Prep to VCE Education Program

19 August 2017 to 19 November 2017

This education resource is intended as a starting point for generating ideas and classroom activities before, during and after visiting to René Magritte: The Revealing Image, Photos and Films and is intended to complement and be used in additional information provided in the exhibition catalogue and gallery wall texts. The resource includes an introduction to the exhibition, suggesting points for discussion and practical activities for junior and senior students.



Before visiting René Magritte: The Revealing Image, Photos and Films it is suggested that you contact the gallery staff to determine the following:

  • Suitability of exhibition content and subject matter for the year level you plan to bring
  • Staff availability to give an introductory talk or tour
  • Opening hours, transport and parking options, cloakroom facilities and if admission fees apply
  • Education and public programs, directors talks etc. that coincide with the exhibition



Teachers are encouraged to adapt the curriculum links given in the list below to suit the relevant state curricula. Use this list to generate ideas, activities and points for discussion, and where suitable contact Education staff at Latrobe Regional Gallery (LRG) for further ideas and suggestions.



  • Artist’s practice: ideas and inspiration
  • The role of the artist: artist as social commentator, artist as storyteller
  • The use of symbolism and development of personal iconography/mythologies
  • The relationship between the artist, subject, artwork, art museum/gallery and audience
  • The diversity and range of media, materials and techniques used by the artist
  • Responding to artworks: analyses and interpretation using appropriate language



  • Responding verbally to visual images
  • Creative writing and responding
  • Analysis of narrative in artworks
  • Critical essays, responses and reviews
  • Examination of the recurring patterns, motifs and archetypes



  • The role of artworks in providing commentary about interconnectedness between humans, society and environment
  • Social issues that are present in the artworks including environmental sustainability, identity, gender issues, migration and cultural displacement
  • Visual arts as a reflection of ideas and beliefs in contemporary culture and society



  • European cultures and histories
  • Oral history traditions


Entry to René Magritte: The Revealing Image, Photos and Films is free for students and teachers who book a guided tour. 

A minimum of two weeks notice is required for all tour bookings.

Allow one hour per tour group, with a maximum of 30 students per tour.

Larger groups can be catered to, please discuss this with LRG staff prior to your visit.

Contact LRG’s Education and Public Programs Officer on 5128 5700 for all booking enquiries.