Image: Motanki Ukrainian Folk Dolls. Image care of Erica Kurec

Motanki: Ukrainian Folk Dolls

with Erica Kurec


Saturday 15 April
1.30 – 4pm


Free, bookings advised

Recommended age 7+

Learn about and make your own Ukrainian folk doll called Motanka.

These dolls have been made since ancient times from fabric, wood, straw and herbs. They were given to young women preparing to marry and newly wedded couples promoting the gift of fertility and continuity of life.

Motanka means “winding'” which refers to the process for making the dolls using a winding technique to join thread, wool, cord or fabrics to fashion their shape. Motanki are never made with needles as this might ‘sew in’ the makers thoughts.

All materials and equipment will be supplied.