1. Masking tape
  2. Pencil and rubber
  3. Pair of scissors
  4. A thick black pen or texta
  5. Glue stick
  6. 4 sheets of standard white A4 paper, or two if you want to make a smaller rose bush. (If you have some thick white cardboard, you can use this instead of the plain paper, which will save you a step further down the track)




Part 1: Creating the Base

  1. Getting Prepared
    • Stack two sheets of A4 paper on top of each other.
    • Using a small amount of tape, tape the two sheets together by folding the tape over each edge.
    • Do this twice so you will have two stacks taped together.
  2. Sketching out the backbone
    • Using the pencil start drawing out the stem across both sheets of paper.
    • Try and make the main stem at least 1cm thick.
  3. Sketching the leaves and buds
    • Start drawing the leaves along the stem.
    • The rose bush that we are making has 5 serrated leaves that alternate along the stem.
    • Don’t forget to draw in the small veins on each leaf. (If you are having trouble drawing the leaves you can use the leaf template, on the final page).
  4. Black pen outline
    • The roses grow in clusters together, when drawing try to draw 3-5 buds coming off your main stem.
    • We will be attaching our flowers to the buds later, so don’t worry too much about drawing in any detail.
    • Once you are happy with your sketch then you can start drawing with the black pen.
  5. Colouring and shading
    • When shading the rose stem try using lines, dots and cross hatching for the shadows. This will give your plant more dimension.
    • Be consistent with the shadows, always place them on the same side so it looks like there is the one light source.
  6. Cutting
    • Once you have finished drawing with the pen, you can start cutting out the rose stem.
    • Slowly cut around the outline of your drawing.
    • Be careful when you get close to finishing cutting that you don’t accidentally cut the wrong thing.
  7. Join them together
    • You should now have four rose stems, two white silhouettes and two with black pen.
    • Glue the stems of the two black drawings together and then glue the stems of the two white stems together.

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