Members End of Year Celebration

Author Talk: ‘Beyond Short Street’ with Owen Rye

Saturday 7 May
2.30pm to 4.30pm

Join local ceramics artist Owen Rye as he talks about his memoir ‘Beyond Short Street’.

Owen Rye lives at Boolarra South. He was a lecturer at the art school at the Gippsland Institute, and later Monash university campus at Churchill, for 20 years. He now works as an artist and writer.

He is widely known internationally for his ceramic art, as well as for his writing about woodfired ceramics. Beyond Short Street is the fifth book he has published, but with a difference. This is a memoir, a story of a varied life.

At university an unexpected inspiration lead to a PhD, followed by travel and adventure; from driving trucks, and flying gliders, to the Smithsonian in Washington, onwards to the deserts and high mountains of Pakistan and immersion in politics, archaeology and assassination in Israel.

The emotional ups and downs of teaching in art schools, insights into the practice of the art of ceramics, and the subtleties of isolated rural living complete the story telling.

Introduction by Tony Hanning. Light refreshments provided.

Presented in partnership with Latrobe City Libraries