Checkmate – a future dance about robot horses working the assembly line, 2021, Performance documentation, 16 May 2021, Latrobe Regional Gallery, Morwell, Inkjet print, Courtesy of the artists.



Owls of Nebraska are a collective performance group of Latrobe Valley artists and one New Zealand based artist. The Owls are Anthea Williams, Pezaloom, Kate Zizys, and Kim McDonald. New Zealand sound artist Anthony Brandon is the other artist member of the group.

The group has staged performances in their respective homes and studios which until recently have been captured and reworked using lo-fi and free video. Blurred imagery, and high-keyed colour is all part of the aesthetic explored in their work. Their style is otherworldly.

These qualities and those of using everyday settings and objects made unreal can be seen in their video, November Star Gate. Their video artworks are highly abstract and nonlinear. Their performances and videos are interested in mysticism, ritual and costume.

Recently the Owls of Nebraska staged a performance at Latrobe Regional Gallery.