Hayden Jackson painting

Image credit: Nadine Lineham, Co-existence, 2017, oil on canvas, 90 x 90 cm. Collection of the artist.


We are pleased to announce the recipient of The Dick Bishop Memorial Prize for 2018 is Nadine Lineham.

The Dick Bishop Memorial Prize is an ongoing recognition to Richard (Dick) Bishop’s (1929-2004) commitment to supporting emerging artists. Throughout his life, Dick Bishop provided arts education, support and encouragement to many members of our community and assisted them to fulfil their creative potential. The recipient of the Dick Bishop Memorial Prize 2018 is Nadine Lineham.

A Fall into Understanding questions what is it to live in a world of accelerating change, where an era of mass media circulation offers a prescription for life. Lineham manipulates familiar images that carry meaning, in order to capture the paradox that can emerge. The paintings in the exhibition explore parts of our nature that try to remain on authentic autopilot; but beneath the surface lurks a charming, anxious social identity that violently erupts, stares and behaves inappropriately.


1929 – 2004
Dick Bishop arrived in Morwell in 1961 to teach art at Morwell Technical School and by 1967 established the Diploma of Art course. In 1984 he also established TAFE courses in Applied Art in Newborough and initiated ‘The Jason Club’, the forerunner of the Latrobe Regional Gallery Friends group. Bishop officially retired in 1988 but remained involved in the Moe Heritage Art Group and was a mentor to a group he called ‘The Dead Wombat Society’ up until his passing in 2004. Throughout his life he was passionate about supporting emerging artists, and this prize is an ongoing recognition of his commitment.