1. Bruce Milne and Andrew Maine, editors, Fast Forward, no. 11, Melbourne, self-published, May 1982, Rare Books Collection, State Library Victoria.
2. Kione Kochi, Self-publish to Bypass Gatekeepers and Power Structures, Chicago, Half Letter Press, 2015, Rare Books Collection, State Library Victoria
3. Dominic Forde, Ramps, Pools, Ponds and Pipes, 1975–1985, Melbourne, self-published, 2015, photograph of Stacey Peralta courtesy of the Peninsula Surf Shop, Rare Books Collection, State Library Victoria.
4. Jonathan Tse, Portrait of an Australian, Brisbane, self-published, 1998, Rare Books Collection, State Library Victoria.
5. Jessirose Streker, Portraits I Painted of Inspirational Figures from around thw World, Melbourne, Part/Time Press, 2015, State Library Victoria

A touring exhibition from State Library of Victoria

10 August – 10 November 2019
Gallery 4


Delve into do-it-yourself culture: from limited run artist books to cut-and-paste photocopy fanzines, explore the evolution and diversity of these radical publishing alternatives.

Celebrate the power of self-publishing to communicate directly with readers, create community, and support counter-culture movements. Self-publishing empowers makers of all abilities and backgrounds to become creative producers, challenge dominant models, and make work that anyone can appreciate and collect.

State Library Victoria has one of the finest collections of artist books and zines in Australia and Self-made showcases original rare objects from the collection, as well as a selection of contemporary zines and artist books. Discover science fiction fanzines from the 1940s, ground-breaking 1970s punk zines, Australian underground press publications and artist books designed to circumvent commercial gallery systems.

Featuring work by David Wadelton, Jon Campbell, Edward Ruscha, Dieter Roth and many others.

Exhibition documentation of Self-Made: Artist Books & Zines, A touring exhibition from State Library of Victoria, 10 August – 10 November 2019, Gallery 4, Latrobe Regional Gallery.



Self-made: zines and artist books is presented by State Library Victoria in partnership with Sticky Institute, and supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria and the Visions regional touring program, an Australian Government program aiming to improve access to cultural material for all Australians.