Timothy Cook, 'Kulama'

Image credit: Nadine Lineham, Co-existence, 2017, oil on canvas, 90 x 90 cm. Collection of the artist.

Nadine Lineham

Dick Bishop Memorial Prize Winner 2018

1 December 2018 to 27 January 2019
Gallery 6 – Project Space
Exhibition Celebration: 
Saturday 1 December, 1 to 3pm


A Fall into Understanding by Nadine Lineham questions what it is to live in a world of accelerating change, where the era of mass media circulation offers a prescription for life. The project aims to manipulate familiar images that carry meaning, capturing the paradox that can emerge.

Lineham is fascinated by the parts of our nature that attempt to remain on ‘authentic autopilot,’ and her paintings examine what may lie beneath the calm exterior – a charming, anxious social identity that violently erupts, stares and behaves inappropriately.

The paintings in the exhibition reference found imagery from contemporary media and inanimate objects, as well as the artists own photographs. Lineham’s approach is to make the work partially redemptive, as well as to indicate a philosophical dimension: the interconnection between evidence and the shifting form of one’s perception.

Merging figuration with abstraction allows Lineham to capture the psychological state of her subjects in an authentic way. The figures occupy environments that are often menacing and ominous, with empty voids that respond, disrupt and complement existent spaces. The shapes and structure within the paintings provide a metaphor for navigation through the confusion and intrigue relating to our existence.