Scrapes and Sighs

by Alexis Weaver | 2019 05:12 min Courtesy of the artist

Pezaloom (aka Paul Berryman), Thirteen works from the series: Long after love left, 2014, Type C photograph on di-bond mount, 29.7 x 42 cm each. Eight from the Latrobe Regional Gallery Collection and five courtesy of the artist.



In the track Scrapes and Sighs by Alexis Weaver, fast-paced reverberations of hollow metal objects gently grow louder and vanish, as if accidentally disrupting a quiet space. There is an edge of uncertainty and level of discomfort, as in the photographic series of works Long after love left by local artist Pezaloom.

The photographs record details of human trace in different rooms and corners of a home once lived in and maintained. In a state of abandonment with personal belongings discarded, the images document pieces of an unknown story. The space is empty, yet still occupied by the remaining objects left behind.

In Scrapes and Sighs sudden clinks and static rattles quicken in pace and are abruptly silenced, creating suspense and the sense of an unwelcomed presence, as though disturbing what is left of the memories and life within the house through these objects.


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