IMAGE: Kate Zizys, Pistis Sophia, 2022, multiplate polymer etching

Ape Trip

Kate Zizys

22 April – 16 July 2023
Gallery 3

In the development of this exhibition, Latrobe Valley artist, Kate Zizys examined symbols and concepts embedded in popular religious beliefs.

Some artworks explore historical ideas of reincarnation, while others depict the Pistis Sophia, the Biblical Serpent and the Lion-headed Demiurge. The images are multi-layered, high key in colour and some feature embossing.

The artist invites audiences to consider that we exist in relation to the mysterious universe. That our collective pursuits, technologies, and purposes have not arrived us at a wholly common destination, and however much we reside in stories of our own imaginations, we do share familiar archetypes and dreamscapes.