Timothy Cook, 'Kulama'

Image credit: Helle Cook, Threshold, 2017, oil on cotton, 142 x 130 cm. Collection of the artist. Photograph by Alex Shaw.

Helle Cook

1 September to 25 November 2018
Gallery 6

Blurred Boundaries investigates how migration and globalisation affect our notion of home and cultural connection. Cook examines ones’ sense of place, in which home boundaries shift and become blurred. The process of migration can become a liminal experience, when the concept ‘home’ is undefined and unresolved.


Elaborating on the dynamics of liminality, Cook investigates this in-between space in ambiguous works that linger in the threshold. It is in the threshold between abstraction and figuration that a liminal space unfolds, allowing intuition and imagination to be revealed. The resulting non-prescriptive works  are evocative and allow for engagement and multifaceted exploration.