IMAGE: Alan Davie, Cosmic Signals No 2, 1999, silkscreen print, 59.3x 70.9 cm mount size, LRG Collection, donated through the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program by Yvonne Howells, 2006


LRG Collection exhibition

8 April – 9 July 2023
Gallery 1 & 2

Artists: Alan Davie, Tim Jones, Robert Knottenbelt, Bea Maddock, Noel McKenna, Alan Mitelman, Rose Nolan, Penny Ormerod, Eduardo Paolozzi, Graeme Peebles, Susan Purdy, Brian Robinson, John Ryrie, Bernard Sachs, Darren Siwes, Stefan Szonyi, Jennifer Wray  


Featuring prints, collage, ceramics, and photography, connection is the multifaceted concept explored in the latest LRG Collection exhibition.

Connection holds a multitude of meanings. Beginning with the more literal definition, it is the relationship between two things, people, or groups.

This exhibition is particularly inspired by connection as it relates to ideas of community, identity and humanity. The exhibition also invites a musing on the more physical meaning of connection, such as in electrical connections and transport connections.