The Digital Roadshow, Collection Digitisation Project, Gallery 4, 20 May to 28 July 2019, Latrobe Regional Gallery. Photograph: Latrobe Regional Gallery.

Collection Digitisation Project

20 May to 28 July 2019
Gallery 4


Latrobe Regional Gallery is one of three regional galleries, selected for a pilot project by Creative Victoria to create digital records of the artworks in our collections.

Digitising the collection will assist Latrobe Regional Gallery in its responsibility to care for a vast treasure trove of over 1500 artworks with the aim of making the collection widely available online.

Our aim, ultimately, is to provide free online access to our collections, directly from our website, for the general community, art students, artists and researchers, both locally and globally.

During this digitisation process, LRG will provide a number of workshops and events, designed to inform the general public on the processes around archiving, digitising and general care of art works in regards to long term collections.

Digitising a collection is a highly complex and labour intensive task. Each artwork will require removing from storage or exhibition, unpacking, scanning/photographing, repackaging and returning to storage, including the updating of relevant information in our collection database.

Each step in this process is carried out by trained gallery staff and requires special handling and record keeping, following contemporary art museum procedures. Our aim is to complete the scanning of artworks, by the end of July 2019.

As supported by:
Creative Victoria, Docuvan, Cbus Super Fund, Latrobe City Council