by eves (aka Edwina Stevens) | 2017 06:12 min Courtesy of the artist

Lesley Duxbury, Another Day, 2003, inkjet print, Ed 11/40, 15 x 23 cm each, Latrobe Regional Gallery Collection, purchased 2003.



When listened to in relation to Lesley Duxbury’s work Another Day, the sound work there by Eves (Edwina Stevens) allows you to envision movement within the image, such as a time-lapse of the clouds sailing into the far distance across the landscape, resulting in changes in the light and appearance of the terrain beneath them.

With two sets of descriptive text printed upon the image, Duxbury’s work addresses perception and challenges the way we view uncontrollable factors in the world around us. This text is like an overlaying filter influencing our judgement and the feelings we draw from the imagery.

In Eves’ work, the gradual addition of instrumental layers in the piece could be likened to the slow, intricate processes of the Earth evolving through time. Pensive low-pitched chords create undertones that emerge within the piece. The atmospheric conditions change and develop, and there is a sense of time unfolding and the expansion of space through the culmination of each layer of sound.


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