Writing is the painting of the voice…


If as Voltaire said writing is the painting of the voice – what is writing about paintings the voice of?

We don’t have the answer to that riddle, but maybe you will discover the answer in this collection of art writing. Art magazines and journals range from experimental to austere and everything in between. What that means is that writing about art doesn’t always mean you understand it.





Art and Australia was at one time a journal of record on the visual art community and major Australian exhibitions and artists. The magazine has shifted somewhat since being managed by the Victorian College of the Arts at the University of Melbourne. Today it describes itself as presenting ‘a rigorous and uncompromising perspective on what might constitute both art and Australia in the twenty first century’.

The magazine has content that can be subscribed to for a fee and an online section which is free. The online section contains an archive of reviews of exhibitions held in Australian between 2016 and 2019.



If you want something less academic than Art and Australia, then have a look at Ocula. This online magazine, which has an email newsletter you can subscribe to for free, features comprehensive access to contemporary art from the leading galleries around the world. The artworks and discoveries to be made on this website are terrific. Ocula is a great resource for anyone interested in contemporary art today.




This site is more fun than some others suggested here. Juxtapoz looks at pop culture, street art, graffiti ‘zine’ and contemporary visual art. The menu breaks down the offer to Quarterly archive, where a number of artists interviews and short commentaries can be found, in Juxtapoz Projects small online exhibitions are featured. ‘Radio Juxtapoz’ is another section where audio interviews with pop cultural artists can be found. This section is like the art world version of Triple J. You have been warned.



ArtForum has been one of the go to magazines looking at international, particularly American art for many years. The print version of the magazine was almost as well loved for the number and diversity of gallery advertisements as it was for articles and exhibition reviews. The website has interviews with artists, both written and video pieces, and exhibition reviews. There is also an option to click through to an art and education site that is relevant for art school students. ArtForum is a very comprehensive visual art offer.



This website features video and written art historical and theoretical discussion suitable for art school students. The site includes a new section, another section looking at graduate exhibitions and a classroom section where social and theoretical discussion can be found.