IMAGE (above):
Mira Gojak, Cutting through the vast plain of day 10.33am, 2018, Archival print construction, 103 x 83 x 6 cm, Courtesy the artist and Murray White Room, Melbourne 

FIELD OF VISIONS: An exhibition by Mira Gojak & Michael Prior

9 April to 10 July 2022
Gallery 1 & 2


Inventiveness and seeking new possibilities are central to the ideas framing this exhibition by Mira Gojak and Michael Prior. Prior’s sculptural machines perform uncanny feats of apparent magic with wit and fun. Part surrealistic, part science and part Men’s Shed, Prior’s sculptures show us an art of possibilities from everyday materials. Prior’s artwork uses the transformative potential of existing material forces of earth. 

Mira Gojak photographs of the blue sky cut open, erases boundaries. Her work questions the nature of what sky is, of how the sky as metaphor is itself open to question. Perhaps we don’t need to reach beyond the sky but understand the cosmos comes all the way to the ground to us, to the very spot where we stand. 

In addition to his sculptural work, Michael Prior is an active member of the experimental music community. Michael has presented his work at MONA FOMA, Hobart, Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan, and many public galleries and performance spaces in Australia since 2004. 

Mira Gojak has exhibited widely in Australia since the mid-1990s. Mira’s artworks have been seen at the Art Gallery New South Wales as part of ‘The National’ in 2019 and in 2012 her work was included in ‘101 Contemporary Australian Artists’ at the National Gallery of Victoria. In 2010, Mira Gojak’s work was seen locally at Switchback Gallery in Churchill. 

IMAGE (above):
Michael Prior, Voice over, 2020 (Detail), Mixed media, Variable in size, Courtesy the artist