Timothy Cook, 'Kulama'

Image credit: Owen Rye, Vase 7, 1995, Woodfired, ash deposit, 19cm. Collection of the artist.

Owen Rye

3 November 2018 to 10 February 2019
Gallery 5


The ceramics of Owen Rye are bold, uncompromising and robust. However, they are equally elegant, subtle, graceful and dignified. The ambiguous nature of Rye’s works invites the viewer to examine the distinctive form and tactility of the works, while appreciating each vessel’s complex and individual characteristics.

Rye resides in Boolarra South and has shown his works Australia-wide and internationally. A pioneer of his craft, Rye has a long standing practice spanning many decades, and is also a scientist, author, archaeologist, researcher, academic and anthropologist.

Rye’s forms and surfaces are not restrained or controlled. During the wood-firing process ash collects on the surface, dripping and coating the vessel in an arbitrary manner, resulting in unstructured and dramatic exteriors. Each work is the result of a mixture of intention, chance, crafted wisdom and discovery.

Grit & Grace presents a selection of works that remind us that there is great liberation and joy in fluidity. Perhaps meticulous perfection is not the definition of beauty – raw and honest ‘imperfection’ may provide a more authentic experience of the truly sublime.