Roger Alsop 'Home' installation image
Roger Alsop 'Home' installation image
Roger Alsop 'Home' installation image

Image credits: Roger Alsop, Home, installation images

Roger Alsop
The Cbus Collection of Australian Art

30 January – 8 May 2016
Gallery 3


Home offers new insights into some of the older paintings held in The Cbus Collection of Australian Art, managed by Latrobe Regional Gallery.

By using cutting-edge contemporary technologies, works by some of Australia’s greatest painters can be viewed and interacted with by new audiences, in ways unimaginable to the original painters. Viewers will be able to see a range of paintings in many different ways – they will be able to zoom in, merge paintings, and change the shape of the works. As a result of these interactions they will develop new and intimate relationships with some of Australia’s greatest artworks.

Home takes its name from the images portrayed in the paintings. Artists such as Tom Roberts, Frederick McCubbin, Rupert Bunny, and Arthur Streeton made redolent, lasting images of Australia’s countryside and of the lives of Australians within that landscape. In all their works they showed the great personal relationship Australians have with the land, and their home within it. By encouraging the viewer to undertake a personal interaction with the works, Home gives the audience fresh and innovative access to these famous Australian artworks