Monique Barnett, 'Kalopsia (detail)'

Image Credit: Monique Barnett, Kalopsia (detail), 2015, acrylic and oil paint on aluminium composite. Collection of the artist.

Monique Barnett

12 March – 10 April 2016
Community Access Gallery


Monique Barnett’s paintings are driven by celebrity and mainstream media, and its intent to reflect our dreams, desires, wishes and insecurities. As a basis for her artistic practice, Barnett uses images of celebrities and models from print media, mainly commercial gossip and fashion magazines. She then cuts out images and arranges them in a fictive space, creating a diorama-like stage set. Using a camera to photograph the images causes the figures to become distorted, foreshortened and morphed, creating a surrealist sense of aggregated movement. These photographs are then used as a starting point for paintings.

Creating a visual spectacle of images that appear familiar and distant all at once, Barnett forms a tension between abstract and surreal imagery, keeping the essence of the figure intact.

EXHIBITION CELEBRATION: 1pm Saturday 2 April 2016

FREE – RSVP Wednesday 30 March 2016