Latrobe Valley Window Activation Project


Collaborating with local artists, this project revitalises our local streets with colour, thought and creativity.
Read about the work from participating artists below.

Manfred Krautschneider

226 Commercial Road, Morwell


Manfred is a local artist, have been educated, living and working the Latrobe Valley for 30 years.

Working primarily across painting, photography and new media, Manfred’s work observes reality in reflection. The multiple reflections and transmission on and through windows, awnings, etc, produce smears of emotion and beautiful dramas.

Often looking at streetscapes as reflected on imperfect surfaces, Manfred’s work makes a connection to the site, being visible to those passing by on foot or by cars.

The ambiguity in Manfred’s work allows something surprising about the subject to be brought into focus, and deep associations to emerge over time.

Owls of Nebraska

27 Boolara Avenue, Newborough


Owls of Nebraska is a Gippsland based art group with an NZ faction. The Owls come together often to create performative works, or works which have a performative aspect.

For this series, the Owls document a hidden community that live among the Gippsland pine plantations. They describe this community, “Like the pines and the mushrooms, they are themselves, aliens in the landscape, and it’s difficult to tell if they are peaceful or malevolent, edible, or poisonous. Having no political affiliations, they tend not to vote and are at risk from better climate policies that might see the plantations abandoned for a more sustainable approach to the landscape in the future.”


Donna O’Callaghan

30 George Street, Moe


Donna O’Callaghan is a local artist who draws inspiration from the industries in Gippsland and their impact on our oceans and waterways to create vibrant abstract paintings. Donna enjoys the processes of creating texture-rich compositions through various mark making methods.

These images are from a new series of work called ‘Finding a new path’ in which the artist uses strong shapes and sharp lines in combination with more gestural brush marks. The result is a bold and striking arrangement of elements to delve into.

Donna is currently exhibiting a new body of work at West Gippsland Arts Centre (1 August – 2 October, 2022).