David Cross, Lean, 2011, Inflatable installation, Courtesy the artist.


David Cross

18 December 2021 to 3 April 2022
Gallery 3


The art of David Cross evokes the fairground jumping castle.  

The artwork ‘Lean’ looks gallery white in a gallery white space, yet the noise of the air pump informs you this is not a place of contemplation. This is sculpture to be jumped on. This is sculpture that activates you. 

‘Lean’ is a series of four seemingly identical, inflatable sculptures that audience members can stand on, sit on, enter, or literally lean against. Play, falling and failing are all part of the audience participant’s individual art performance. David Cross makes art that allows for risk and pleasure. 

What happens when the audience enter each structure is not uniform for the experience of entering each artwork is not the same. Adventure, risk and sharing your experiences with others is central to the conception of the artwork. Come with a friend – and you need to take your shoes off.