Bed Linen II

by Lisa Lerkenfeldt | 2017. Courtesy of the artist. 08.00 mins

Kirrily Hammond, Gippsland Twilight 53, 2011, Oil on linen, 30 x 30 cm, Latrobe Regional Gallery Collection, purchased 2011.



A relationship can be drawn to Kirrily Hammond’s painting Gippsland Twilight 53 and Lisa Lerkenfeldt’s sound piece Bed Linen II, each work capturing a sense of the quieting world outside, as perceived from the comfort of personal space.

Lerkenfeldt’s work is composed of a permissively endless hum, zoning into the ever-present ambience of the urban landscape. Like a change in altitude muffles sound, a faint white noise sits below the mellow drone, the nature strip trees stirred by cool change winds and local peak hour traffic nearing home.

The minimal composition of Lerkenfeldt’s work corresponds to that of Hammond’s oil painting. In a limited palette, the artist depicts the diminishing visibility of evening, just after sunset. At this time, street lights give a subtle glow and suburban infrastructure is silhouetted against the gradient of the 6 p.m. light. Notably in Hammond’s work, the horizon is low in the image, giving prominence to the expanse of the sky. Feelings of expansiveness are parallel to the synthesized drone in Lerkenfeldt’s work, continuous like circular breathwork.

Hammond creates a small window, positioned as an onlooker of neighbourhood surrounds. A place of transience becomes a place imbued with dreams and reflections. Similarly, Lerkenfeldt shapes the experience of the sonic work as a subdued, contemplative piece.


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