Judy Watson, standing stone, kangaroo grass, red and yellow ochre 2020, synthetic polymer paint and graphite on canvas 250 x 181.5 cm Courtesy of the artist and Milani Gallery, Brisbane Photo: Carl Warner
2. Yhonnie Scarce, Only a mother could love them, 2016, hand blown glass, 25.0 x 15.0 cm diameter each (variable sizes – approx.), Monash University Collection, Purchased by the Monash Business School 2017, Courtesy of Monash University Museum of Art, Courtesy of the artist and THIS IS NO FANTASY, Melbourne

Looking Glass

Judy Watson & Yhonnie Scarce

19 November 2022 to 26 March 2023
Gallery 1 & 2


‘Looking Glass’ is an exhibition which brings together two of Australia’s most acclaimed artists – Waanyi artist, Judy Watson and Kokatha and Nukunu artist Yhonnie Scarce. At its heart, the exhibition is both a love song and a lament for Country, a fantastical alchemy of the elemental forces of earth, water, fire, and air. 

Senior artist, Judy Watson’s ochres, charcoal and pigments, pooled and washed upon flayed canvases, have a natural affinity with Scarce’s fusion of fire, earth and air. Watson and Scarce express the inseparable oneness of Indigenous Australian people with Country. 


‘Looking Glass’ is organised by TarraWarra Museum of Art and Ikon Gallery with Curator Hetti Perkins. Touring nationally with NETS Victoria.