An exhibition of childhood memories – John Abery

Senior Curator David O’Halloran takes a walk through ‘Do you remember’ an exhibition by local artist John Abery.

Latrobe Valley artist John Abery remembers the perspective that a child has of the world. It is a place of large and wonderful things, such as tricycles and Meccano sets. The trinket box and its oddments allow for fun play beyond the imagining of adults.

John Abery is a sculptor working primarily with timber and steel. He creates indoor works such as those on exhibition here as well as large out door works that adorn his Hazelwood South property. The works John Abery makes are highly crafted and well-made reflecting the artists love for working with materials.

This highly playful exhibition includes a large tricycle, Meccano Truck, Teddy, Lego Man, spinning top and a trinket box containing many wonderful treasures.

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