Remeber - Co-exist Installation

Image Credit: Remeber: Co-exist Installation. Collection of the artists.

South Gippsland Secondary College

2 April – 8 May 2016
The Lane

Remember : Co-Exist is the result of a collaborative project with local artist Lee Grenfell and Year 10 Studio Art students from South Gippsland Secondary College.

Initiated as an installation project in this commemorative ANZAC year, 7 WW1 stretchers were combined to provide a workable canvas area. Artist  Lee Grenfell, together with students from South Gippsland Secondary College worked together to provide this interpretation of lived war experiences and responses. Grenfell explains her original concept for this installation as ‘building upon layers of imagery.’

Side One identifies with the theme ‘Remember,’ Using oil paints Grenfell has painted ‘rivers of blood’ flowing to form three large colorful poppies against a field of crosses.  Side Two represents a collage of canvas strips symbolizing ‘white bandages’. These bandages focus on the theme of ‘Coexistence’ and how ideas of coexistence can help humanity find ways of communicating to help resolve conflicts. During this project students researched the lives of men recorded on the Foster War Memorial; this research was then added to the installation in the form of imagery and text on canvas strips, which were then attached to the stretchers.

The multicultural society we live in today highlights the importance of coexistence. Increasingly obvious is the need to find ways of accepting each other and the differences created by cultural boundaries. This installation goes beyond such boundaries encouraging empathy and acceptance.