Image credit: Sofie Dieu, Drift 2017, Ink on rice paper L69.5cm x H69.5cm

Sofie Dieu 
Artist in Community – Creative Writing Workshop
Adult program 

Monday 20 May
10.30am to 12.00pm
Moe Service Centre & Library

Bookings essential
5128 5700 or

Latrobe City and Creative Gippsland present the Artist in Community program. This year Latrobe has selected artist Sofie Dieu. The residency will run during Latrobe’s Literary Festival from 20 May to 26 May. Sofie will be creating her work within the Moe Library during her residency.

Artist Sofie Dieu invites the Latrobe community to a creative writing workshop, open to amateurs and experienced writers alike, this workshop will challenge the participants’ perception of what writing and poetry can be by using three different creative writing methods, introduced gradually:

– Breath mapping , as used in art therapy to demarcate stress and anxiety
– Free writing , where a continuous flow of writing insures that writers reach their subconscious and creative potential
– Exquisite corpse, as developed by French Surrealists, in this collective writing game

Participants will be lead through individual and collective text and poem writing. At the heart of our conversation, themes will arise such as the suffering from the fires and the need to expel anxiety which will in turn fuel the creative process.

The session will take place in a playful, supportive and creative environment thanks to the pedagogical and well-being methods employed.

The creation of poems and texts during this one and a half session will find their way to punctuate, orientate and help shape her final artwork.

“Poetic and humanistic, my work resides at the intersection of personal narratives, environmental art and recovery processes. In my practice, I explore how identity, emotions, and memory fluctuates according to our immediate environment. I believe that nature is more than a thing outside us, it lives, grows and shape us from within. As such landscapes, people, healing, and the dichotomy between light and darkness are some of the recurring themes that I explore.

Due to the current drought and devastating summer fires, environmental anxiety among the local population is high. Using both drawing and writing, my project for Artist in Community is to create a cloudscape that crystallises local residents’ relationship to their natural environment while withholding an obvious message of hope.

The community workshop that I propose, provides residents with a safe environment were well-being and creativity is central. The collective creation of poems and texts will find its way to punctuate, orientate and help shape my final artwork. As a result my art will simultaneously acknowledges people’s hardship and acts as a catalyst for resilience.”