Image credit: (L) Danny McDonald, Mulloway Math of it, 1992. Screenprint, 74 x 105cm. Latrobe Regional Gallery Collection. (R) Danny McDonald, The Valley, 1991. Screenprint,93x70cm. Latrobe Regional Gallery Collection. ​




Industrial Landscape

Kids Program


Yallourn is Danny McDonald’s boyhood home. In his art works he uses personal symbols to talk about mankind and the environment. In Mulloway Math of It, rising collage clouds come from one dimensional chimneys creating pollution and damaging our world. There are also symbolic images along the top of the landscape – are they rising or falling? What could they mean?


  1. A variety of recycled paper – newspaper, magazines, junk mail, or wrapping paper.
  2. Sheet of blank paper or cardboard
  3. Pencils
  4. Markers
  5. Scissors
  6. Glue
  1. Find a variety of industrial images and patterns from the recycled papers and carefully cut them out.
  2. Lay the collage images on to a sheet of blank paper to create an industrial landscape.
  3. When you are happy with the layout, take a photo for reference and set the pieces aside.
  4. Consider what colours you would like your background – glue coloured paper or use markers to fill the background.
  5. Using your reference photo, glue the collage papers in place.
  6. Finish your piece by adding any fine details with a marker.
  7. Display your final artwork on a table, photograph your work and upload to facebook and instagram using the tag @latroberegionalgallery and #LRGArtCart


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