Image credit: Christian Thompson, Black Gum 1, 2007. Type C photograph.100 x 100 cm. Latrobe Regional Gallery. Collection.​




Flora Portrait

Kids Program


Dr Christian Thompson is an Australian artist who creates artwork about his identity and the history of his culture. As an Aboriginal Australian of the Bidjara people in Queensland, his artworks include native Australian flowers and plants. They have a symbolic meaning to his culture and family history.

In his work Black Gum 1, Thompson wears a black hoodie, and has covered his face using red flowers and leaves from a black gum eucalyptus tree native to Australia, because they represent his identity.

Think about your identity, and how people might describe you. Are you bright, happy, loud, funny, quiet, still, kind, or something else?
Find items in your garden that could represent these words to create your portrait.


  1. Images of flowers and leaves from newspaper, magazines, or wrapping paper.
  2. Petals, leaves, bark and twigs from your garden
  3. Sheet of blank paper or print of Hoodie template
  4. Black marker or pencil
  5. Scissors
  6. Glue
  1. Find a variety of petals, leaves, bark and twigs from your garden, or cut out images of flowers and leaves from newspaper, magazines, or wrapping paper
  2. Print out the Hoodie Template, or use a black marker to draw a hoodie onto a blank sheet of paper.
  3. Lay the collage images and natural items over the face of the hoodie
  4. When you are happy with the layout, glue the items in place, or take a photo of your artwork
  5. Display your final artwork on a table or on a wall, photograph your work and upload to facebook and instagram using the tag @latroberegionalgallery and #LRGArtCart

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