1. The Ramblings of a Mad Man, 2020, Aerosol paint, graphite, acrylic, 83 x 95 cm, Courtesy of the artist.
2. Metamorphosis, 2020, Aerosol paint, acrylic, ink, pastel, 180 x 188 cm, Courtesy of the artist.



Jeremy Kasper is an emerging Gippsland artist based in Sale, interested in skate culture and street art. These areas of influence produce an aesthetic in his work in several ways, including choice of medium, fluid and gestural mark marking and often working at a large scale.

Kasper’s practice is highly explorative in his abstract compositions, using the line as a form of expression strongly tied to emotion and memory. For Kasper, the line is both a metaphor and a bridge to the subconscious. In accessing these memories and emotions, markings of the line become both an automatic and impulsive process.

In Ramblings of a Mad Man, Kasper combines aerosol paint, graphite and acrylic to achieve different qualities in lines. Whilst chaotic, the markings are also intentional and communicative of an emotional language. Utilising the whole canvas, the graphite has a much more abrasive texture and records moments of tension. The line painted with aerosol forms an opaque cloud, pronouncing the sinister undertone of the work.

Kasper has been the Dick Bishop Memorial Prize recipient, exhibiting at Latrobe Regional Gallery in 2019, and received the Latrobe Regional Gallery Emerging Artist Award for 2020, exhibited at arc Yinnar. He has also recently shown at Briagolong Art Gallery. In 2019 he completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts at Federation University, Churchill. Since 2014 Kasper has been commissioned for murals on public and private residences across Gippsland. Kasper has also led the Reclaim Our Lanes Project in Wellington Shire, producing several murals that replaced graffiti with art and connected the community with cultural history.