We believe that art can inspire the youngest to the biggest kid. That’s why we’ve created a dedicated immersive art-play space right here at LRG! The Lane is a great space to explore and play, and we design the space with the themes of our exhibition program in mind.

Children creating art in The Lane

YOU can become an LRG Kid!

Did you know we also offer a special membership just for kids?
It’s $10 for a whole year and kids get access to some kids-only special events and exhibition tours PLUS discounts at the LRG Shop and much more.
Start their journey as lifelong art aficionados!

The Lane

Until 8 August
Open daily 10am to 4pm
Free Access. No Bookings Required

The Lane has been transformed into a space designed especially for kids to explore and create using a range of materials. Suitable for children of all ages this space is designed as an introductory place for youngsters to engage with the possibilities of what art is and learn about our current exhibitions.

Drawing on themes from current exhibitions, Speculative Realms and Cloud Machines, GEO SPACE is an environment based on geometry, science and colour.

With an interactive magnet wall explore possibilities of pattern making, a light mixing table to discover colour and shape combinations and variety of materials on hand to create your own take home artwork – the only limit is your imagination!


Our Open Days initiate creative action and inspiration across all gallery spaces for the whole family to enjoy.

OPEN DAY: Prism Boxes

Saturday 3 July
1pm to 3pm

Combining elements of mathematics and creativity, this activity will involve transforming a two-dimensional plane into a three-dimensional form through cutting and folding, differing materials and colours to decorate their shapes before putting together their own prism to take home! This free activity for kids will take place in the gallery workshop.
Bookings are essential as spaces are limited.

OPEN DAY: DIY Kaleidoscope

Saturday  17 July
1pm to 3pm

Some of the patterns in Tricky Walsh’s work could be described as kaleidoscopic. This engaging activity will allow kids to assemble their own kaleidoscopes using a kit of basic materials, exploring how different compositions of colour and shape can produce endless possibilities and visual effects.
This free activity for kids will take place in the gallery.
Bookings are essential as spaces are limited.

OPEN DAY: Spirograph Drawing

Saturday 31 July
1pm to 3pm

The Artist Tricky Walsh’s approach to image making incorporates mathematical methods and abstract geometric patterns, giving a playful and surreal nature to their work. This workshop will encourage kids to employ a similar approach to image making using a Spirograph. Participants will have the chance to explore different colours, materials and effects with the Spirograph while encountering Tricky Walsh’s work. This free activity for kids will take place in gallery.
Bookings are essential as places are limited.