OPEN DAY: Fish Floats Experiment

Saturday 9 October

2pm to 3pm

A fishing float is a piece of angling equipment that has several purposes, including suspending a baited hook in the water, or acting as a lure to attract fish toward bait. Mandy Gunn sometimes uses these interesting, buoyant objects in her artworks to provide different shapes, colours, and textures to her sculptural installations. In this activity kids will be encouraged to consider how to use these small, interesting objects in a range of fun and challenging ways, including linking them together, decorating them with paints and combining them other materials.

Booking is required for this free event as spaces are limited. When booking, please advise LRG of any access requirements that you may have.

Class Capacity: 10

Note: Tickets need only be booked for participating individuals. Supervising parents/guardians do not require a ticket.