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Lying on the daised margin / Of Morwell Rose Garden, / Daydreaming, as often I do, / Of olden days with you, / Suddenly, quite unexpectedly, came chancing by, / A dancing butterfly! / From flower to flower / I watched it pass, / Waiting to make it my prisoner / When, finally, it came within my grasp. / Alas! Its fairy-wings / Slipped through my fingers, / Leaving behind the dust of memory that still clings, / The undying nostalgia that still lingers … / Was it you, Chloe, after all? / Was it you in disguise as if in a masquerade ball? / Was it you wanting me to know / You had come back to me as if to console and soften my sorrow?

Using inspiration from Joseph Lis’s poem Ghost-Butterfly, create a garden of fantastical creatures with petals and plants.


  1.  Petals, leaves, bark and twigs from your garden
  2. Sheet of blank paper
  3. Coloured markers or pencils
  4. Glue
  5. Sequins, glitter, beads
  1. Find a variety of petals, leaves, bark and twigs from your garden
  2. Use a markers or pencils to draw an insect, fairy or imaginary character body onto a blank sheet of paper.
  3. Lay the natural items over the body to create clothes and wings
  4. Colour in a garden background, and add sequins, glitter or beads to make your characters’ world shine
  5. When you are happy with the layout, glue the items in place, or take a photo of your artwork
  6. Display your final artwork on a table or on a wall, photograph your work and upload to facebook and instagram using the tag @latroberegionalgallery and #LRGArtCart


Poem written for the Morwell Rose Garden Festival 2020 by lyric poet Joseph Lis, from The Soul of Morwell Rose Garden: The Nature Poems of Joseph Lis, 2018.

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