Kim McDonald, Untitled, monoprint on rice paper, 2021, with performers Samara Cunningham and Jessica Murray, photo credit Karli Duckett (install shot)


IMAGE: Gareth Phillips, Untitled, from the series Interstates of Becoming, 2023. Courtesy the artist.


Interstates of Becoming

Gareth Phillips

1 March – 23 June 2024
Gallery 3



A world premiere by acclaimed Welsh artist Gareth Phillips, Interstates of Becoming is about the relationship between human beings and their shared environments, specifically in the Himalayan mountains of Northwest India. Wild environments and human constructions grapple for superiority and control in a landscape of concrete, steel, immense rockfaces and mountainscapes. With this unique and fragile landscape as a focal point, this constructed photobook sculpture and large-scale installation depicts the direct and indirect effects humans and mountains have on one another in their interdependent life-spans.


Interstates of Becoming by Gareth Phillips is an official exhibition of PHOTO 2024 International Festival of Photography.



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