Infinity Sonic Cruise [1]

by Jodi Rose | 2018 11:59 mins Courtesy of the artist

Rosalie Norah King Gascoigne, Firebird, 1991, retro-reflective tape on ply on composition board. 143 x 103 cm. Latrobe Regional Gallery collection.



Both Rosalie Gascoigne’s Firebird and Jodi Rose’s Infinity Sonic Cruise [1] are works that have a relationship to urban landscapes and construction.

In Rose’s work, there are a collection of recordings from the vibrations of the architecture of bridges and the sounds that can be heard through movement in and around their proximity. High whirring tones, strong gusts of wind and trickling water allude to movement through human intervention, weather or shifts in the earth.

These ideas captured through the sounds in Rose’s piece take a visual affect in Gascoigne’s work. The found material in this sculptural piece has been deconstructed from its original source and reassembled as a geometric pavement.

The retro-reflective surface in loud hues between red and orange bears discolouration. Scratches and indentations compiled over time, uncovering the sturdy wooden layer beneath. The damage and abrasion are a trace of the landscape and the harsh conditions this material was once exposed to.


Supported by the River Tees Rediscovered Landscape Partnership, thanks to money raised by National Lottery players and awarded through the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Middlesbrough Art Weekender & Singing Tees Bridges generously supported by: Arts Council England, Tees Valley Combined Authority, MIMA [Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art], River Tees Rediscovered, Middlesbrough Council, Creative Darlington, Heritage Lottery Fund & Middlesbrough Holiday Inn.

Singing Bridges thanks the following for support to realise this event: Concept, *recordings, editing and composition by Jodi Rose. Thanks to Liam Slevin & Anna Byrne [The Auxiliary], Paul Stewart [Co-Curator], John Ivison [Transporter Bridge Manager], Ray [*climbing and recording the cables on top of the gondola and bridge span]; Trevor [Bridge operator] and Frank [Volunteer, Bridge Visitor Centre], Helen Welford [MIMA], Rachel Dodd [RiverShack], Lucy Chapman [River Tees Rediscovered / Groundwork NE].


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