Stephanie Shields, Static Field (detail), 2018, mixed media installation. Collection of the artist.
2 + 3. Exhibition documentation of Static Field: Stephanie Shields, 2 February to 10 March 2019, Gallery 6, Latrobe Regional Gallery.

Stephanie Shields

2 February to 10 March 2019
Gallery 6


Static Field is an experimental colour field installation, the product of utilising leftover materials from other projects. Shields uses these materials to form a system of integrated artworks that investigate process, colour, material relationships and authenticity. The installation includes objects that are placed on the floor, walls and intersecting the space, creating an engaging experience for the viewer that is both visual and kinaesthetic.

The arrangement of individual elements within the exhibition space creates a dialogue that questions the value of process and product; leftover objects become found, and the intervention of time and displacement prompt new opportunities for understanding and enquiry.