Join LRG Senior Curator David O’Halloran for a walk through Any Which Way, an installed video work by Leigh Hobba.

Leigh Hobba is a very significant artist in the development of Australian video art as both a teacher and as an artist.

Leigh Hobba has exhibited extensively since 1976. Leigh Hobba has exhibited widely internationally, including at the Biennale de Paris, Biennale of Sydney, Fotofeiss, Scotland and the Centre International Creation Video at Montbeliard, France.

Hobba’s work has both simplicity and uniqueness. His work demonstrates a capacity to distil the elements that go to make up our feeling of ‘presence’ and ‘being’. We don’t need to necessarily understand his work; “we just need to experience and to register its effect in our bodies”.

Read an essay by the artist in the exhibition catalogue here​